Relio LED – Your Personal Sun

Earlier this year and Italian company Relio introduced a small, portable, powerful LED cube with a high quality beam which can be used for product and food photography/videography.

Relio is the brainchild of Marco Bozzola who wanted to create a high quality small  LED that photographers will be able to use anywhere with very high warm “sun-like” light quality.

Relio is not the first small photography oriented LED that we have seen. Over the past year we have been evaluating the Balled Pro from Germany which was designed for food photography and work in a similar way (a single high quality LED with USB power). There are some differences however – the Relio appears to use a stronger LED (around 200 lumens vs. 125 for the Balled Pro) and has warmer light temperature (3000K or 3500K/4500K vs. 6500k) and a much narrower light (15 or 30 degrees vs. 70 degrees).

Tiny and powerful – Relio LED 


Here are some of the specs of the Relio:

  • Size: 35mm cube.
  • Build: CNC machined from solid aluminum.
  • Temperature – 3000k with 92CRI (or 3500K, 4500K 96CRI).
  • Brightness – ~200 lumens (20.000 lux at 30cm).
  • Beam angle – two options –  spot (15°) and flood (30°) – both included.
  • 1/4″ 20 connector.
  • USB powered.
  • Ultra-low light “ripple” good for high-FPS shooting (200+fps).

Relio is manufactured in Italy and can be ordered for around 70 euros ($85) plus shipment.

USB connectivity


We have been in touch with Relio and we are hoping to test one of the units later on.

Ideal for product photography


VIA: Megapixel.

3 versions – different light tempratures


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