Balled Pro Lighting System Preview

The Balled Pro Lighting System is a unique ultra compact LED lighting module specifically designed for product and food photography. The video above shows a workshop with photographer Joris Luyten about food photography and the Balled Pro lighting system.

The Balled has an interesting and qunie story behind it. Work on the project started in 2009 in Bamberg, Germany. The German government and the U.N. are both involved since the product is manufactured by a team of 120 handicapped people operating from several workshops inside Bamberg.

The Balled Pro is a very high quality, small light which uses a USB connector for power and has a powerful magnet in the back for connecting to a tripod or a gooseneck. It comes with a battery pack which allows the photographer to easily use it on location even when no other power source is available (and with some decent AA batteries it should work for several hours).

The Balled Pro can be used as main light or fill light for food photography or small product photography. As main light it can be ideal for low-key photography (due to its strong focus light) and its designers are also looking at ideas on how to allow uses to diffuse the light whenever a softer light is needed.

The Balled Pro can actually be used for many other applications including constant lighting for galleries and home as well as other applications which require a small, strong light source with very little power consumption and a long life cycle that can be easily connected to almost any metal surface using a magnet or a regular tripod mount.

A single set of the Balled Pro professional LED system cost 240 EUR and a double set will cost you 350 EUR (all hand made in Germany) – See the Balled Pro site for more details.

The LensVid team is currently working on a review of the Balled Pro Lighting System which shall publish soon.

The Balled Pro lighting a small product (Credit:


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