Scorpion Light v2 – the Best Things Come in Small Packages

Four years ago we covered a unique Kickstarter lighting project called the Scorpion Light developed by a Scottish company called Blind Spot. Fast forward to today and the company recently came up with an updated version of the Scorpion Light called (unsurprisingly) the Scorpion Light v2.

The new Scorpion Light v2 like its predecessor is a compact flexible handheld, location, documentary and studio light. The improvement to the new version includes a 30% more powerful LED (2400 lux at 1m), a shorter but stronger and thicker gooseneck, a claimed TLCI rating of 94. Like the older version, the new Scorpion Light v2 also comes with a dimmer (which is better connected to the gooseneck).

The new Scorpion Light v2

The company also refined the organization of both the Duo and Quad light cases to provide a more intelligent, compact package that is easier to carry around on location. The Scorpion v2 has a 27-degree beam angle and 5600K color temp. The kit comes with clamps and you can connect gels (that you can also purchase with a kit) with some small magnets (we would actually have loved to see an entire accessory ecosystem that connects to the head of the light similar to what Lume cube has been doing.

For power, the light can use either an AC adaptor or a Sony NP-F style batteries for 80 to 240 minutes. You can also use it with larger batteries with a D-tap cable which will allow these lights to run for many hours.

As for pricing, a single Scorpion Light V2 is currently on Kickstarter for $324 (it includes a super clamp, a Sony NP-F550,  battery adapter, a USB battery charger, some accessories for mounting it and a transport case). A dual set will set you back $545 and a quad set goes for $1,207.

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