Spekular -Swiss Army Knife For Lighting (an Special Interview)

Last week Spiffy Gear, the company behind the Light Blaster strobe projector which we covered here in the past has announced a new product called Spekular – ane type of LED strip which the user can connect to form different shapes and different output levels.

According to  Spiffy Gear Spekular is made of high CRI/TLCI LED strips (94+ CRI and 96+ TLCI) which are flicker free with 14.5 watts of output. The strips can be connected physically to form different shapes with a large number of strips.

The Spekular star

We had a chance to interview Spiffy Gear CEO and founder Udi J Tirosh and asked him a few questions about the  Spekular and what it can do.

How did you come up with the idea for Spekular?
Over the last few years, LEDS are slowly becoming more prominent, I wanted to make a light that is very rigid and can stand a beating and LEDs seemed like the perfect solution. I also wanted to make a light that would help me for headshots, so the idea of a ring light came to mind. It was the combination of rigidity and the ability to make the light all encompassing that drove the design at the early stages. As the team moved on we also made it video friendly with high CRI, strong brightness and the ability to split the light into several units.

The Spekular kit case

How long did it take to develop the product?
I always joke that creating a product is a bit like delivering a baby. It’s a long pregnancy and there are ups and downs. The idea has been floating in my head for a very long while, but from actively starting the design phase till the boat from the factory actually docked it was about two years. Hardware is a non-forgiving business. Creating molds is expensive and once those are done, it is very hard to make changes. You can’t patch mistakes in software so you have to make sure that each step is perfect before moving on to the next step.

How does the connector between the different Spekular components work (how do they connect electronically?)
Each section has a socket with several contacts that deliver both power and control. Each of the hinges have the matching plugs. It is not unsimilar to how USB connections work.

Connecting two strips

How many pieces can you connect together and how many you can power at the same time (either via V-mount battery or using AC)?
Each kit comes with four sections and you can connect up to eight section on a single circuit. For batteries, you would want to use the battery adapter. Most batteries can handle the draw for 4 section, but if you want to run eight section on a single battery (say for the star, or for a huge octa-ring), make sure you use a high-draw battery.

Who is the target audience for this light – is it mostly for portraits and what sorts of applications did you have in mind when you made the modular design?
I see many creatives benefit from Spekular. Our main audience is filmmakers and videographers so we made sure to have perfect color rendition and plenty of output. The light would also be great for head shot photographers and fashion/beauty photographers, both for the strong output and the various light-shapes it ca assume.

Does the unit come with a remote and/or wireless control (if not do you have plans to add this in the future)?
Spekular is currently controlled via an on-board dimmer, but we are planning on adding a few more control options.

The Spekular dimmer 

When can you get one and from where?
Spekular is already shipping, it can be bought from Spiffy Gear’s site – or from any of the major photography stores.

As for pricing:

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