Takstar SGC-598 – Low Cost Shotgun Mic Review

On a budget and need an inexpensive microphone? In this video photographer Curtis Judd takes a look at a very inexpensive shotgun mic from Takstar called the the Takstar SGC-598.

As you can understand from Judd’s experience with the mic – it is a fairly acceptable unit for a low end microphone – it does have some hiss which you can reduce to some degree in post. Another use for this cheap mic is as a backup/secondary mic. If you are recording your primary sound into an external recorder and want another backup just in case and don’t want to spend too much money on a quality  shotgun mic which you won’t be using 99% of the time anyway – the Takstar SGC-598 can be an option – just keep in mind that it has its drawbacks.

The Takstar SGC-598 Shotgun currently sells for about $35 on Amazon.

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