Firts Look at the Edelkrone PocketSkater2 – Super Mini Camera Dolly

Earlier this year Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone announced the second generation of its PocketSkater portable advanced dolly. The guys from Istrico Productions did a very positive first look of this unit which you can check out above.

Edelkrone is one of the most innovative video accessory manufacturers out there with a long list of very unique products. The PocketSkater is a second iteration of the concept of compact dolly which you can take anywhere with you on your camera. What is especially nice about it is the inclusion of a wide FlexTilt part (see our previous look at this innovative product) which gives you the ability to change angle, hight, and make otherwise hard to make small changes to your shot – easy.

An official video showing the Edelkrone PocketSkater2 and what it can do


The PocketSkater2 has a weight of 1lbs/0.5 kg and can carry up to a 5.5 lbs / 2.5kg of gear (keep in mind that using longer lenses will probably not play well with this unit). The PocketSkater 2 is made from CNC machined aluminium and stainless steel screws with rubber wheel rings.

The PocketSkater 2 with the FlexTilt semi-open


The Edelkrone PocketSkater 2 currently sells for just under $290 online.

You can check out more of our coverage of Edelkrone’s products as well as more new HDSLR related products on our HDSLR gear section.

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