Understanding Microphone Specifications

If you have any interest in microphones and you ever wondered what all that technical information that the manufacturers often publish really means, this video is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Podcastage just made this really nice explanatory video which talks about everything from self-noise to Impedance and anything in between and gives a rule of thumb info on what is more or less important for you to know when looking at this information and considering what microphone to buy (general tip – specs are nice but do yourself a favour and read some reviews as well).

So in this video, we look at the following:

  • 00:30 – Part 1: Microphone Type
  • 01:10 – Part 2: Frequency Response
  • 01:45 – Part 3: Polar Pattern
  • 02:37 – Part 4: Self Noise (Equivalent Noise Level)
  • 03:02 – Part 5: Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • 03:19 – Part 6: Sensitivity
  • 03:53 – Part 7: Max SPL (Sound Pressure Level)
  • 04:48 – Part 8: Dynamic Range
  • 05:11 – Part 9.0: Output Impedance
  • 05:46 – Part 9.5: Load Impedance
  • 06:17 – Part 10: Power Requirements
  • 06:38 – Part 11: What you should look be looking for?

On LensVid we have a very extensive section devoted to sound recording for video productions which covers both equipment and techniques here on LensVid.

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