Volta Dual Battery Charger with Interchangeable Charging Plates Review

The good people from cheesycam recently published an interesting look at the Volta Dual Battery charger with interchangeable charging plates which can be used with several different popular types of camera batteries (including Sony, Canon, Nikon and more).

There are a million battery chargers our there, there are even quite a few dual ones but the Volta Dual Battery Charger also includes the ability to change plates which allows you to charge different batteries at different times (something which you can’t typically do with a regular charger.

The unit also has a USB port for charging a smartphone/tablet or some other USB device – what we would really like to see is a similar charger which can actually draw power from a USB port instead of an AC – so that you will be able to use the unit on the go by connecting it to an external USB battery – like the super powerful PowerAdd Pilot Pro 32000mAh Battery we recently reviewed here on LensVid.

The Volta Dual Battery Charger cost about $36 with each plate adding just about $2.
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Iddo Genuth
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