Westcott Flex LED Light Review

On this video photographer and videographer Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter takes a look at Westcott Flex LED Light which he has been using for a while and seem to love.

The Flex LED is a fully bendable 10” x 10” surface with 166 LED diodes and outlined with a  1⁄4” black frame with a really minuscule form factor and weight (only 5 ounces), since the original introduction larger and more powerful versions have also been introduced.

When we first covered the Flex LED we mentioned that there were two version of the unit – tungsten and daylight. Although it is extremely compact, the output from the LED is an impressive 1,600 lux output at 1 meter with a 98 CRI, while the daylight balanced model offers a slightly brighter 1,900 lux output at 1 meter with a 95 CRI (if you prefer this in Watts – the Flex packs a punch offering 55 watts of pure continuous power, compared to many traditional LED panels offering only 40 Watts). Each unit include a dimmer (from 5% to 100% which is a really nice addition).

As we noted before, there are two drawbacks to the flex in our view – the first is that it is currently only an AC version (you can’t really use it in the field with AA or other batteries that we know about). The second problem is the price – it is a pretty expensive unit – just under $600 . Still this is a pretty impressive offering from Westcott (although some imitations have started to appear on the market).

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