Alexia Sinclair: Kissed by The Moon

On this behind the scences video Sydney based photographer Alexia Sinclair goes on a quest to look for the one hundred year old weeping beech tree and shoot a magnificent scene entitled  Kissed by the Moon.

The shoot was inspired by Shakespear’s A midsummer night’s dream, and Titania queen of the fairies which acts as a medium between two worlds. The BTS video shows the different stages and preparations required to make the image possible from the creation of the costume, the model, the location, setting up and finally post processing before reaching the final image.

Kissed by The Moon – the final image (credit: Alexia Sinclair)

Kissed by The Moon by Alexia SinclairSinclair used a Schneider 120mm Macro with her Phase One IQ280 to achieve some of the super high resolution images required to create the final composition of this shot (you can see the lens and the camera in some of the BTS shots in the video above).

You can read more on the work Sinclair put into this image on this Profoto blog post.

This image is the second in a series. On the first, and longer BTS video (below) Sinclair talks about her motivation, shows how she works on some of the dress, the background and all the small components that goes into such a huge production.


You can read more on the work Sinclair put into the first image on this Profoto blog post.

As always, you can find many more behind the scenes videos on the BTS section here on LensVid.

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