Benjamin Von Wong: 25 Meters Underwater Model Photoshoot

Several weeks ago photographer Benjamin Von Wong went to Bali for a special underwater shoot with a model next to a shipwreck. Now comes the second video looking at how this complex shoot was accomplished.

Shooting underwater is a complex, slow and sometimes dangerous task if you are not working with the right people and understanding the risks and potential problems. But when you do know what you are doing, the results can look amazing.

Sooting deep underwater – Benjamin Von Wong Underwater-shipwreck-in-Bali-vonwongVon Wong explained on his blog post, just how challenging this shoot was:

  • Normal models wouldn’t work deep underwater unless they have extensive dive training (even in this situation they will have a difficult time holding their breaths for very long).
  • Regular clothes would be destroyed by the seawater,  so a designer willing to part with the clothing was needed.
  • Assistants would need to be trained safety divers, lighting and other gear is limited (and expensive) and looking for the perfect location is complex and require local divers.

The second behind the scences video with Von Wong – how you shoot deep underwater


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