Bertie Gregory: Adventures in Photographing England’s Urban Wildlife

On this video from National Geographic Live! U.K. photographer Bertie Gregory talks about his adventures photographing the urban-jungle wildlife in England.

When Gregory was only 17 years old, he got a chance to work with a pro photographer when he was asked to photograph urban wildlife in Britain as a part of the 2020Vision project. While other young photographers in the project worked with the masters underwater or in other “cool” locations, Gregory got to shoot wildlife in an urban environment. He soon realised that the city can be just as just as exciting as anywhere else for shooting wildlife – if you know when and where to look for.

In the video Gregory talks about his love for peregrine falcons and shares some stories from his time photographing animals in the urban jungle.

Bonus video: Gregory on a quest to find Canada’s elusive coastal wolf


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Iddo Genuth
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