Dave Yoder: Behind the Scenes of Photographing the Pope

For six months, National Geographic photographer Dave Yoder was granted a unique access to the Vatican and the life of Pope Francis which resulted in almost 68,000 photos and in this short video Yoder speaks of this rare opportunity.

It all began when Yoder, who was born in Indiana and now lives in Milan, Italy befriended the pope’s personal photographer. This eventually helped him to open the front door to the Vatican – a nutritiously closed place and to get an almost unprecedented access to the pope for an outside photographer.

In this short but fascinating video, Yoder talks about how he able to get very close to the pope and had a chance to walk on the top of the Basilica when the pope was down stairs giving a mess and get some some very personal and intimate moments of the pope alone and with his followers in some very emotional portraits.

Maybe the most significant image Yoder captured was of the pope in a quiet stop at St. Peter’s Basilica that became the cover image of the NG August 2015 issue.

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