Aidan Monaghan: Photographing the Movies

On this two section video interview Ruth Medjber talks to photographer Aidan Monaghan, world renowned film stills photographer.

Ever wondered who takes all those film add photos and how they are made?

Monaghan started as an architectural photography which was his stepping stone into the business but over the years he turned his attention to shooting films and for films including many behind the scenes shots. In many cases a photographer might have a very short time to capture an important shot that will become the main publicity photo for the movie.

Monaghan admits that he always reads the script of a movie to understand the background and the “spirit” of the scene and the movie as a whole. He typically comes with a concept for a shot which might develop later on – on set. Recently shot behind the scenes of the movie “The Martian” with Matt Damon and you can see some of the images Monaghan captured from this movie (including an interesting behind the scenes shot.

The second part of the interview with Aidan Monaghan


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