Kai Spaete: Motion in Image – Dance & Elegance

German photographer Kai Spaete created this upbeat elegant behind the scences photoshoot which includes performance by several talented dancers and athletes some of them seen in the accompanied images performing in a cloud of magnesium.

This video sponsored by broncolor and Phase One includes images from outstanding dancers combined with the dynamic of magnesium dust – a very common yet powerful tool in shooting these type of action shots which helps accentuate the feeling of movement in the image.

We have looked into several dance photographers in the past including RJ Muna: Tips on Lighting & Composition, Studio and Dance PhotographyJoe McNally: About A Photograph – Dangerous Dancing and Jordan Matter: A day in the life of a Photographer (the photographer behind – the dancers among us project).

You can watch more videos of interesting photographers on our photographer section here on LensVid.

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