A Look at Professional Female Sports Photographers A different perspective on sports photography

Today we continue our sports photography special series and this time around we wanted to take the time and focus on professional female sports photographers. In a field that is often considered as dominated by males both on the field and behind the camera, it is inspiring to find accomplished female photographers who bring their own unique perspective and tell the story the way they see it.

One such photographer is Jean Fruth has been a sports photographer for many years. She fell in love with photography as a student in NYC and began her photographic career as a portrait photographer before turning to sports photography focusing on baseball. Since then Jean turned into a traveling photographer for La Vida Baseball, a digital media company that tells the story of Latino baseball across the United States and Latin America and her successes and accomplishments also made her one of only a few Female Sony Artisans.

Fruth is not alone. Caroline Hall from Houston, Texas grew up with a father who was a football coach and two brothers and football was always around her from a very young age. She started taking pictures growing up and it gave her the ticket she always wanted to be on the field with the players close to the action.

After working as a photographer for her school newspaper, Hall joined the football program and attended events such as the NFL Combine, gamedays, Draft Night and eventually took a job at Rice University in Houston, Texas which helped her acquire a position with the NFL LCC program working alongside the Houston Texans.

Creator Tapes interview with pro photographer Caroline Hall 

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Back in 2017 Adorama held an interesting live panel with four other accomplished female sports photographers – Ariele Goldman Hecht who shoots for the New York Yankees, Elsa Garrison who shoots sports for Getty Images, Kathy Willens shooting sports for the Associated Press, and Maddie Meyer who also shoots for Getty.

Live panel with female sports photographers

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  • Article thumbnail photo credit: Photographer Jean Fruth @ Champion City Kings Baseball team.
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