Ralph Lee Hopkins: Wildlife Photography in the Digital Age

On this B&H video shot during Optic 2016 in NY earlier this week, National Geographic photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins gives a full lecture on how digital technology have opened up opportunities for wildlife photographers like never before with the help of some amazing images from his archive.

Hopkins start by looking at some famous and interesting quotes that has some baring on the work of a photographer and moves to cover some of his expeditions to the arctic. He talks about things such as the move from the analog ASA to the high ISO of today cameras and how for him this changed the way he works (as well as the huge change the saving to digital vs. film made on his workflow).

At the end of the day, although a lot has changed in terms of technology and workflow some of the more basic aspects of photography such as composition, finding the best location to film and lots and lots of patience are things that never changed for wildlife photographers even through the digital revolution.

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