Von Wong: Fairy Tale Maternity Photo-Shoot

One of our favourite photographers and colleague Benjamin Von Wong recently published a behind the scenes video of a unique project he completed of a very unusual maternity photo-shoot with a fairy tale- like atmosphere.

According to Von Wong the current project began About a year ago when he flew over to help make a viral video to attempt to save a (then) 4 year old little girl called Eliza O’Neill, suffering from a terminal degenerative brain disease called Sanfillipo Syndrome. Von Wong donated a photoshoot to the project which was “purchased” by no other than a fellow German photographer Eva Creel. This is more or less how Von Wong ended up in Germany, doing his first ever maternity photoshoot for a lady he met on the internet.

Eva Creel – fairy tale with dogs (Credit: Benjamin Von Wong)

Eva16721-Edit-3The project itself – much like almost anything Von Wong has done in recent years is breathtaking. Shot in Germany with the help of local community in Kaiserslautern where Creel lives, you can see the rural German landscape and quite a few local animals which gives the pictures a very unique atmosphere, very close to a fairy tale.

You can read more on this beautiful project on Von Wong’s website.

As we have noted ,we love Benjamin Von Wong’s creative spirit and you can watch some older videos of  his here on LensVid. As always, you can find many more behind the scenes videos on the BTS section here on LensVid.

Iddo Genuth
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