iFootage SA-32 Telescoping Support Rod Review Super versatile telescoping pole with quick release

Today, we’re taking a quick look at the iFootage SpiderCrab SA-32 support rod. At first look, it may seem very simple, but it can be used as a versatile tool, as we’ll see later in this review.

Build – design, components

This is a modular system based on the SpiderCrab quick-release mechanism that we reviewed in June of 2021. The body of this support is a telescoping rod with a single aluminum latch. Both ends feature metal twist-knob ball joints and quick-release tips with an anti-twist design.

Another important part of this system is the PC-01 clamp. This all-metal jaw clamp with a range of 2cm to 4.8cm features two 3/8’’ mounting holes with locating pins and a big quick-action bolt.

The SA-32 support rod with the clamp



The support rod folded down measures 54cm and extends to 83cm. The clamp adds another 6.5cm to the length.

Use cases

In working with the support rod, we found a number of handy uses for it, especially when combined with the iFootage flat base monopod, with its minimalist footprint.

Other than the basic use as a support rod for a slider (much better quality than other support rods we’ve worked with), this tool allows for creative control. The telescoping length gives you control of whatever you decide to attach to the end of the rod, like a background, a cookie, or practical elements in the frame.

The SpiderCrab arm is strong enough to hold a light outside of the frame or in it. It can also be used as support for a product in the frame.

Different uses of the SA-32 in our studio


There are many other accessories that you can attach or prop up, like teleprompters and modifiers.

As for the modularity of this system, the clamp can also be connected with the same quick-release tip to one of the other iFootage arms.

The SA-32 holding the iFootage Cobra RB-A300 round base monopod



While the rod has a solid build, the ball joints aren’t very strong. The other SpiderCrab arms have a better-designed joint. Here’s an illustration of the weight that this rod is able to support before the joint gives out. Keep in mind that when attaching modifiers or lights, these need to be relatively light.

The clamp also presented a few issues. It’s designed to grip light stands and tripod legs, so it doesn’t really work on rectangular surfaces, like the edge of a table.

In all, the idea for this tool is very useful, but we would like to see iFootage create an arm of this length, similar to the Manfrotto 244, but with their excellent quick-release tips.

The arm the anti-twist tip and clamp



In conclusion, the SpiderCrab SA-32 is a well-made product that is useful and can be very versatile because of its modularity.



As for pricing, the iFootage SA-32 Telescoping Support Rod with Jaw Clamp sells for $130, and the clamp alone is $50. iFootage Cobra RB-A300 round base monopod sells for $90.

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