12 Mind Blowing Adobe Premiere Tips and Tricks

In this video Ian Sans from Learn How To Edit Stuff takes a look at a  number of very useful tips for improving and enhancing your editing skills in Premiere Pro.

In this video, there are some pretty familiar but a few are bound to surprise you and help you improve your editing.

Here are the tips (some are really basic but still worth checking out):

  • Duplicating a clip – just use Alt and drag.
  • Select everything to the left/right – click A (everything to the right) and shift-A (everything to the left).
  • Put clip-in source monitor – just click F (no need to search on the project folder).
  • Replace clip with a different part of a clip in the timeline – double clip on a clip in the timeline and drag in-and-out points in the source monitor and you can go to a different part in the clip and it will replace the clip with a different part of the clip (you can do this with the slip too but this isn’t that convenient as your screen restrict you).
  • Drag from the source to the program window – this gives you several interesting options – you can put the clip before/after/in-the-middle/replace/above etc. Really cool.
  • Roll-edit-tool – this tool allows you by pressing N to make two adjacent clips expend or become shorter (at the expense of the other clip).
  • Mute/lock all – just hold shift and mute the first clip in the timeline and it will mute all of them. This will also work for other functions like locking etc.
  • Raise the volume quickly & precisely – this one is super helpful – use the ][ brackets to raise the volume by 1db (just make sure you are selecting the audio clip.
  • Expand/collapse all tracks at once – use the shift and scroll wheels to expand or collapse all video/audio tracks at once (just select the audio/video track), huge time saver.
  • Jump between tracks – press the up arrow key to move forward or down to move backward. If you press shift up/down it will only choose the specific track that you are on.
  • Move clip up/down on tracks – this is something we use a lot. Press on a clip and press Alt and up or down and it will move it in place – much more precise than a mouse – be careful it will not delete a clip in the process (still useful).
  • Master video channel effect – this allows you to change a clip but all of its different parts in other parts of your video (great for color grading but other stuff as well). Just choose master on the Lumetri color and choose a LUT for example and this will affect all the parts of the clip in your timeline.

We have covered a number of videos of Adobe Premiere Pro tips including “5 Simple Editing Hacks for Premiere Pro” and Adobe Premiere Pro CC – 10 Things Beginners Need to Know.

You can watch more Premiere Pro tutorials on the video editing section.

Iddo Genuth
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