Understanding Hue Saturation Curves in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

On this video, media creation expert Colin Smith from VideoRevealed takes a look at one of the useful recent new features of Premiere Pro – the Hue Saturation Curves.

Hue Saturation Curves work to allow the user to manipulate specific colors in your clip. This tool can help the user change the color of a car to a different color or saturate or desaturate any color.

There are 5 types of color settings each with its own specific functionality:

  • Hue vs Sat curve
  • Hue vs Hue curve
  • Hue vs Luma curve
  • Luma vs Sat curve
  • Sat vs Sat curve

Bonus video: Jordan from Motion Array on Hue Saturation Curves in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Iddo Genuth
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