5 Great Photoshop Tips You Might Not Know About

On this video, Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE shows 5 useful (and mostly unknown) tips that might help you improve your image editing skills in Photoshop.

Here are the five tips (there are actually more in the video so you should watch the whole thing):

  1. Hidden fade gaussian blur – this is only available right after you apply the blur from the edit menu (edit>fade gaussian blur).
  2. Fast/slow value change – pressing the alt/option key and move the mouse left or right on a slider that has number options it will go slower and if you hold the shift it will move 10x times faster.
  3. Search Adobe Stock in Photoshop – in the libraries you can choose to search Adobe Stock images and other assets and you can expend it to full windows and browse it easily as well as quickly download a watermarked version to experiment with (and of course, license them quickly later on which will remove the watermark).
  4. Selectively apply the history brush – if you want to only apply a change that you made to a specific area in your image you can apply it to the whole image, then use the history panel (go to open – the first stage) and select the new layer and paint with it the area that you want.
  5. Use the old refine-edge in Photoshop – if you don’t like the new select and mask there is a way to use the older refine-edge – just hold the shift key in the select menu over the select and mask option and click on it and you will get the older refine edge tool.

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