Adobe MAX Sneak Peek – ExtractShading for Photoshop CC

Adobe MAX is the yearly event where Adobe demo some of its future technology and this year there we some very interesting demos during the event including this one which shows an upcoming tools called ExtractShading – see what it can do.

The basic idea here is simple but seems to be very effective (at least in the demo).  When you manipulate an image which has complex (and in some cases even not that complex) shading, it can be quite hard to change something while maintain the correct shading of the original image.

As an example you can see in the image a t-shirt with a logo. If the shirt has a wrinkle and some shading on it – removing the text effectively can be a bit tricky and take time. Using the upcoming  ExtractShading tool you can choose a layer with the text, and let Photoshop extract the shading and so you can remove just the text while keeping the shading and wrinkles as the are – for small changes to clothing this seems to be super useful although it can also be useful for more complex work such as the second example of replacing a wall paper while keeping the different lighting pattern on the two sides of the room.

Bonus sneak peak – Monument Mode – how to remove people, vehicles, and other objects from an image and obstructing your view using an app


This isn’t the first time that we look at sneak peaks from Adobe – last year we looked at Focus Masks which is now available on Photoshop (although in our testing doesn’t work all that well).

If you want to check out all of Adobe’s sneak peaks from Adobe MAX this year – check out this Adobe’s blog entry.

You can find many more Photoshop videos on LensVid’s Photoshop section.

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