4 Great Apps for Aspiring Filmmakers These apps can save you time and help you be a better Filmmakers / videographer

Youtuber Armando Ferreira recently published a video sharing several useful applications that might help videographers (and possibly some photographers), most are iPhone users but we managed to find a few Android alternatives for you as well.

There are four apps mentioned by Ferreira in the video above – most are iOS although we did find a few that have Android versions (which are not always as good as there are so many different Android devices with different software/hardware configurations).

Please keep in mind that these do cost some money, but if you need them for your work they might be worth it.

Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder

This is a very advanced director’s viewfinder app that has a long list of features including:

  • Accurate previews for a large number of cameras and lenses (from different manufacturers).
  • You can save photos and record videos using a specific camera/lens look).
  • Add custom frame lines in any aspect ratio.
  • Has a built-in gallery and project manager.
  • You can create PDF shot lists and directly upload them to Dropbox or send them via email.
  • You have the option to manually control exposure, focus & white balance.
  • You have a 3-way color correction to pre-visualize the final look.

Sadly it is only available for iOS devices and there doesn’t seem to be any good alternative for Android users (if you know of one – please mention it in the comments).

Cadrage for iOS.

The Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder app

Sun Seeker

This app is an advanced comprehensive sun tracker and compass. It lets you track sunrise sunset times, find the sun location in the sky at any time of the day/night as well as solar path. Sunseeker has a flat compass, as well as a cool 3D, augmented reality view to show sun exposure, equinox, solstice paths, sunrise sunset times, twilight times, and much more.

This app is actually available for both iOS and Android (it does cost money though).

Sun Seeker for iOS.

Sun Seeker for Android.

The Sunseeker app

Light Spectrum Pro

This app tries to be a sort of poor man spectrometer. Opinions on how accurate it really differs though.

One comment on the app store from Fhoxh had to say the following:

“To get an accurate reading with this app you have to point your iPhone’s camera at an RGB-neutral white or gray target—IN EVEN LIGHTING—(like the X-Rite Color Checker Passport’s white balance card, for example). This should give you a reading that’s within approximately 100 kelvin from the reading you’d get from a pro spectrometer”.

The developer of this app claims that LightSpectrumPro EVO has an error of 2 – 8% compared to existing professional products on the market (we might give this one a try with our C-800 spectrometer in the future).

LightSpectrumPro for IOS

LightSpectrumPro for Android

The LightSpectrumPro EVO app

Cameras + Formats

This app is your one-stop-shop for all the technical info you need to know about cameras and video formats. It can help you know things like – How much drive space will I need for this Alexa Mini shoot? or How long will these batteries last me on a C300 Mk III and even How big is this H.264 file going to be when I export?

It has advanced data on over 120 cameras (including Arri, Canon, Red, Sony, Blackmagic, Panasonic, and more) and information on formats like ProRes and DNxHR to the Blackmagic Raw and ProRes Raw.

Sadly it only exists in an iOS version at the moment.

Cameras + Formats for iOS.

The Cameras + Formats app

As always you can find more helpful photography tips on our Photography tips section

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