How to Turn your iPad Pro into a Wireless Advanced Monitor

Vlogger Armando Ferreira got an interesting wireless transmitter from Teradek called the Serv Pro which will allow you to do some pretty useful things including monitor up to 4 live feeds at one time and connect through HDMI or SDI to a camera and transmit to either iOS tablets or smartphones with many monitoring capabilities.

The Teradek Serv Pro is a very interesting type of wireless transmitter. It allows you to connect up to 10 iOS devices running a free app (called VUER) to monitor a camera’s video signal (HDMI or SDI) in resolutions up to 1080p with minimal 2-frame latency.

This is done via efficient H.264 compression which maintains a high standard of video quality without requiring the massive bandwidth of uncompressed video solutions. Since the transmission is Wi-Fi based, the Serv Pro can be integrated into your local network and you also have the option to connect the unit via an RJ45 ethernet cable if you prefer to use a wired connection.

You can even connect several units and get multi-camera monitoring solution that you can connect to from the same app and quickly move between different cameras which can be very useful in some productions.

Ferreira shows some of the useful features that you can find on the app including a lot of features that you normally find on higher-end monitors including LUTs, false colors, histogram, vectorscope and much more.
Iddo Genuth
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