Top 5 Adobe Premiere 2020 Features

Adobe recently released a major update across its entire line of products including Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom, After Effects, Audition, and many others (see our article with many videos on each product – here). We promised to bring you more specific videos for each new release and today we have Armando Ferreira’s  5 top Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 features with an interesting bonus.

  1. Auto reframe tool – this new powerful tool allows users to automatically adapt their videos to different aspect ratios (for social networks such as Instagram or Facebook for example). We covered this in-depth when it was first shown a few weeks ago before the actual release (see here).
  2. New camera support – Panasonic SH1, Canon C500 II and more.
  3. Improved motion graphics – including for the first time dropdown menu control, multi-line edit field and support for underline text style.
  4. Improved audio volume rubber band and time remapping – you can increase your volume in the timeline by dragging it up by 15db instead of 6db only until now (yeah that one was annoying – we know), you can also time remapping which you can speed up to 20,000% (great for timelapse).
  5. System Compatibility Report 2.0 – let you know about hardware/software compatibility issues.
  6. New shortcuts options – this one is our bonus – there are now several new options to assign keystrokes (great for those working with Steam Decks like us) for example you can now assign a keystroke to keyframe interpolation, previous/next graphics layers see a full list – here (we are still missing a lot of keystrokes shortcuts which we feel are actually essential – like scale/position in the effects control of tracks).

During this video, Ferreira mentions an interesting new tool developed by smashworkshop called animation builder. It has tons of features and it allows many advanced animations for text and even shapes and images for Premiere Pro – we are currently trying this new tool and hopefully we can bring you our impressions and maybe a demo in the not too distant future so stay tuned for that – you can get it and try it for yourselves – on this link.

You can find more Adobe Premiere Pro related videos on this link here on LensaVid.

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