Creating a Before and After Wipe Effect in Premiere Pro

On this video, photographer and videographer Curtis Judd takes a look at a very well known wipe effect  in Premiere Pro CC – the before and after look.

It is often to demonstrate different things like a change in color (grading) the use of a certain filter and more – using the “before/after” wipe is common in some video genres and it is worthwhile learning how to use it.

On the video Judd looks at two methods – the simple one is just use the wipe effect. The somewhat more complex method is to use opacity + mask (very similar to using a mask in Photoshop if you are coming from the stills world).

One important thing to remember – if you want the reveal to be seamless – the two clips that you are using need to be identical in terms of length, number of frames and the object in the frame (at least the objects in the parts of the frame at the time of the cut) otherwise it will look strange. What this means is that it will be much harder (although not impossible) to create this sort of transition with a moving subject in the video.

You can find more tutorials on the video editing section here on LensVid. If you liked Judd’s video you can check out some of his other videos on this sub-section of LensVid.

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