Tools for Video Editing Collaboration

On this  video, Ryan Connolly from Film Riot takes a quick look at a web service (and an app) which can make the lives of many video content creators significantly easier when doing collaborations.

If you are working on a video, film, commercial or any type of video based project basically and you need to collaborate with other users (producer, editor, sound editor, client etc.), might be a tool that you would like to consider.

So what does can do for you? it can help you share videos with specific people who are part of the project, you can keep versions of your edits, track changes and mark them on the video (which is super useful), you can share specific links and work straight out of Premiere which is great if you are using Adobe’s software and there are more useful options.

Although the most basic version doesn’t cost money, if you are working on any type of substantial project/s you will need a payed subscription which starts at about $15 a month.

You can find more tutorials on video editing on our new section here on LensVid. If you want to watch more videos by Film Riot you can check this page here on LensVid.

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