How to Best Use the Patch and Healing Brush Tools

On these two quick videos, portrait photographer Nathaniel Dodson (from the website tutvid), looks at another two sets of tools in Photoshop this time we take a look at the patch and healing brush tools.

We start with the patch tool which you can find below the sport and healing tools in Photoshop. The patch tool is a selection tool which you can use with the normal selection options like increase and decrease the selection – shift/alt – you can also use normal or content aware options but the main use is probably going to be if you want to eliminate objects (great for blemishes but other things as well) but you can also duplicate objects (if you choose destination instead of source).

Second video – a look at the healing brush in Photoshop



This isn’t the first time we are looking into healing brushes. We previously looked at a video by Pye from slrlounge entitled “Quick Tip for Using the Healing and Clone Brushes in Photoshop“ as well as photographer Nino Batista – Guide: Using Photoshop’s Healing Tools.

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