How to Remove Acne in Photoshop

On this video Aaron Nace from Phlearn takes a look at how to remove Acne from an image using Photoshop.

Acne is one of those reasons why so many people hate to be photographed, it can easily ruin a shot and it can happen to anybody – even the most attractive people at any given point. According to Nace, removing Acne from an image has to be done in two steps – the first is to get rid of redness and the second to remove the blemishes.

The first step – getting rid of the redness, is best done using the Hue/Saturation tool as Nace is demonstrating in the video. The second step – removing the blemishes is best done using the  spot healing brush (but be sure to fine tune it and work small). Finally there are some things to consider like adding some redness back to the skin.

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