Photoshop Tip: How to Quickly Marge All Visable/Selected Layers

On this quick video Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE  shares two very simple but useful tips for merging layers in a way that will still allow you to work on your previous layers if you want.

What most of us will do when we would like to work on all of our layers in many cases is simply to merge them down. The problem of course is that this will eliminate our ability to do any more changes to those layers.

On this video Smith shows us how we can very easily create a merged layer which combines either all of the visible layers or if you prefer – just a few selected layers. So how would you go about doing that? very simple:

  • Alt+cntrl+shift+E (PC) or Option+cmd+shift+E (MAC) – merging all viable layers.
  • Alt+cntrl+E (PC) or Option+cmd+E (MAC) – merging selected layers.

Testing this method we found out that if you do decide to change something in one of the layers – it won’t change in the newly formed merged layer – so you will need to re-create it – luckily this is very quick and simple as you have seen.

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