Quick Photoshop Tip: Automatically Trim and Reveal image

On this quick video Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE  shares two simple but highly useful tips about image sizes and how to play with different ones in Photoshop.

Sometimes we want to bring a large image into a small image or the other way around. On this super quick video tutorial, Smith shows a very simple method of controlling the size of your canvas when you only see part of your image (in cases where you are putting a large image on a small canvas – using image>reveal all). The second tip is for when you have a small image on a large canvas and you want to make it fit (using image>trim).

This isn’t the first time we are covering resize related topics on Photoshop here on LensVid. In the past we looked at “Upsizing Images in Photoshop CC“, “How to Resize Images in Photoshop for Use in Video” as well as “How to Prepare Your Images for Social Media in Photoshop“.

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