Soft Color Toning Effect In Photoshop

On this video Manni from retutpro shows how to do soft color toning using Photoshop and Nik Software filter color Efex Pro 4.

Manni start with a dodge and burn layer he already prepared (to make the image pop a little bit more). He merge all layers, create a new one and take it into a Photoshop plugin called – Nik Software color Efex Pro 4 (which you can try/buy from Google). For this image we are going to apply a subtle glamour glow effect to the skin only. To do this we add a mask in photoshop and only brush out the wanted areas and leaving the unwanted hidden.

The second effect that Manni adds is called faded black effect with a new curve adjustment layer in Photoshop. In order to fade out the dark / black shadow areas. This will result in a more dull image effect, you might also want to double this effect for a stronger faded result!

The final step will be to apply a new color gradient layer and set it’s blending options to color blend. Finally we will do some fine adjustments and set the overall layer opacity and combine all layers to sorted groups in the Photoshop layers pallet and that is about it.

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