Useful Tips for Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

On this video,  media creation expert Colin Smith from VideoRevealed go through a number of very useful (some of them a bit less known) time saving methods for editing in Premiere Pro.

With 30 plus years of experience in the media creation, numerous awards and serving as a consultant for some of the top media organisations including 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, Disney, Sony Pictures, And even the Coen Brothers Smith definitely knows his stuff but his channel and tutorials are still very approachable and this one is suited for experts and beginners alike.

There are many tips in this video most of them are really simple but super helpful – they include a way to create a sequence from a folder, using the Q and W to trim a clip quickly (Q for beginning and W for end of the clip). Delete with ripple delete with two keys, join through edit (join a cut video back), selecting all clips in a track at once (even when zoomed) using the track select forward/backwards (with shift).

There are also ways to find gaps in your timeline (good for long complex timelines), reorder clips in track with ease without cutting a hole in your timeline (super useful for B-roll edits).

You can find more Premiere Pro related video on this link here on LensaVid. We will continue posting more interesting videos from Smith’s channel and we are hoping to open a video editing section here on LensVid in the near future.

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