Using Tilt-Shift Blur on a Portrait in Photoshop

On this Lynda video photographer Chris Orwig takes a look a the (relatively) new Tilt-Shift Blur filter on Photoshop CC  and how it could be used on a portrait image.

Tilt-Shift Blur in Photoshop CC allows you to tilt or shift the focus on an image so that you can have a slice of your image in focus and the rest of it blurry. Unlike regular tilt shift (with a lens) you can create any tilt shift that you like – ever something which is completely unrealistic and can never be created with a tilt shift lens (this is not necessarily a good thing but it does open new possibilities).

We have looked at Tilt Shift lenses and tilt shift in general several times in the past, including on a video tutorial by Photoshop expert Nicole Dalesio who looks at “Using Tilt-Shift Effects in Photoshop to Create Amazing Miniature Worlds“, lensrentals on how to use Tilt Shift lensesHow to Add a Tilt Shift Lens Blur to Aerial Photos Using Photoshop and even on a spectacular timelapse – The Lion City: Tilt Shift Timelapse Dream and more recently a video by photographer Jay P. Morgan – Using a Tilt-Shift Lens for Focus Control.

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