Better Sound for Video: Dialogue Workflow

In this video photographer Curtis Judd shares with the viewers some of his experience producing audio and sound for video as well as the settings and gear he uses for this purpose. In this episode, Judd run through his workflow for capturing dialogue on video. According to Judd, this is not meant as a recipe, but as a starting point -a practical example that will hopefully answer some of the nitty gritty real-life questions that usually are not covered in audio training.


  1. Thank you for the merge clip heads up.

    To get around the ‘delete one half of the stereo recording’ step, I just set my recorder (Tascam DR-40) to Rec Mode: Dual, rather than stereo, and Source: Ext In 1. This records 2 mono tracks, with one track at a lower level for a safety. Not sure if that Tascam, or Zoom recorders have the same option, but it’s something to try.

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