How to Color Calibrate Every Device for Your Workflow

In this extensive video, our colleague Patrick Hall from Fstoppers takes a look at all the different aspects of color calibration a photographer will need to perform using the X-Rite i1Studio calibration unit to get accurate colors across his entire workflow process.

There are a lot of devices that you can (and might need) to calibrate in terms of color as part of your general workflow as a photographer. These include the images from your camera (in your editing software of choice), your monitor, your printer, as well as some possible referrals that you might be using such as a scanner, projector, and even a tablet.

On the video above, Hall demonstrates (and gives valuable tips) on how to calibrate most of these and make specific color profiles. The process does take some time initially and you need to do some maintenance from time to time but if colors are essential to your work – this is something that you would want to learn how to do on a regular basis.

One of the small tips that we found to be especially useful in this long video has to do with printer calibration (starting from around 9:00 in the video). Apparently, lots of printers tend to have their own calibration profile built in and you need to know how to turn it off so you can apply your own custom profile.

As for pricing, the X-Rite i1Studio is certainly one of the more expensive calibration units on the market at $460, however if you are a professional who makes your living from high-quality prints or even just wants to be sure that your client will get exactly what you created (provided that his system is calibrated as well of course), then this can certainly be justified.

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