Washington DC based photographer Tim Cooper published several videos together with B&H on creating HDR photos in a realistic way – today we bring to you 2 of them, looking at both the photography and the post processing.

Our eyes can see a much wider dynamic range than any camera sensor currently in use. And since in many cases – especially when shooting landscapes (but also sometimes indoor) there is a much wider dynamic range than what our cameras can capture – we can use HDR or high dynamic range techniques to help us see everything that we want (and can) see in the image.

Cooper starts with the basic idea – shooting different exposures and how to determine how many shots you need and how to determine the current exposures. On the second video published this weekend, Cooper talks about post processing an HDR image – first in Lightroom and later on using the popular HDR Photography Software – photomatix.

HDR photography – post processing with Tim Cooper


We have looked at different aspects of HDR in several videos in the past including “Processing a Landscape HDR Image with Adobe Camera Raw” by Colin Smith from PhotoshopCAFE,  Introduction to Photo Realistic HDR in Photoshop by  Photoshop senior product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes, a Basic HDR Tutorial by  John Telthorst, 32Bit HDR in Adobe Photoshop CC by Rafael Concepcion, Creating HDR from a Single Image in Lightroom by Gavin Hoey and more recently  Mark Wallace look at HDR Basilica – Creating the Perfect Indoor HDR.

This is also not the first time that we have been looking into post processing in photomatix – back in 2011 Howard Pinsky did this 6 min review of the software and more recently John Telthorst from Digitalblind did a basic HDR tutorial using it.

You can find more interesting and useful tutorials on our Photoshop section.

Iddo Genuth
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