John Todd: Shooting Outstanding Sports Photography

On this video commercial and sports photographer John Todd talks to Marc Silber on his works, composition and gives several tips he learned from his years of professional experience.

We don’t always think about it like this but shooting fast action sports professional requires a lot of practice. One of the most interesting tips that Todd gives in this interview is so obvious that many of us might think that we are above it – practice. What Todd means is that whenever you are not actually shooting sports you can practice focusing quickly on moving subjects even in your own back yard or any other garden or street. Just pick targets and try to be as quick (and accurate) as you can.

A few other good tips from this interview – when you go to shoot professionally (and in some cases even just for fun) try to think in advance on what type of images you would like to get – this sounds a bit counter intuitive for a sports photographer who captures the moment – but you can still plan ahead – at least for some of your shots (especially if you know where you are going to shoot – so plan ahead and know your location).

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