Tips for Wedding Photography Location Scouting

This interesting video takes us behind the scenes and into the thinking process of a professional wedding photographer. Gary Hughes, Orlando based wedding and portrait photographer who is joined by PhotoVision correspondent, Angela Kurkian, on a location scout at a wedding venue.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are looking for locations for a wedding shoot. Hughes believes that the main thing is always light first and background later. That is true as long as you are going to mostly relay on ambient light – if you are using artificial light – which is not always a possibility of course – your considerations can be very different.

It is worth mentioning that shooting weddings can be very different in different parts of the world and even in the same country there can be huge differences between weddings for couples with different cultural background – these can directly effect the entire wedding shot and you do need to keep this in mind and get to know your clients and what they are looking for in a shoot.

The only two distractions in this otherwise very informative video are the camera shoot (probably shot a CCD based camera) and the sound which should have been recorded better in the windy environment – but even with these limitations there are definitely some interesting take aways from this video if you are a working wedding or portrait photographer.

You can find many more videos on LensVid’s wedding photography section.

Iddo Genuth
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  1. I shoot weddings in the North Carolina mountains and have found that the best background comes from nature around the wedding venue itself. When you’re surrounded by mountains the only tricky part is not having your couple staring into the sun. The best conditions on top of a mountain are met when the sky is cloudy or overcast so the sun isn’t too harsh when you’re taking photos of the newlywed couple.

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