Matt Granger: Travelling Photography Tips

Photographer Matt Granger (aka ThatNikonGuy) travels all across the world several months each year. This gives him the unique vantage point and perspective that can help a lot of photographers who might not be travelling quite as often but do need a few good tips that can make their lives easier abroad.

If you are travelling with your gear (either professionally or just for fun) Granger has a list of useful tips that might save you time, money, headache and possibly a lot of potential grief.

The list of tips includes very common advice such as checking-in on-line (which will save you time and help you get the best available seat on the plane), make sure all of your breakable photo gear will be coming with you on the plane – the rest can go with your language on the plane.

Granger do have some more useful tips on ways you can take a heavier carry on bag than what the airliner approves – simply put anything that you can on your body (you can easily put two cameras on you and if you have a coat – put a few lenses in your pockets). There are tips for handling jet-lag, insurance, where to stay and what transportation to use (Granger seem to have a good experience with Uber) but maybe the most useful tip (and a question we get asked all the time) is what to take with you (equipment-wise) and more important – what not to take (hint – take only things that your really need and things that you know you used in the past). There are a few other useful tips so if you have a photography trip in the horizon – it is a good listen.

This isn’t the first time that we have touched upon the subject – in the past we had a video by professional photographer Michelle Ford (from slrlounge) who had her own set of tips on “How To Travel Internationally With Your Photo Gear“.

You can find  many more helpful photography tips and techniques on our Photography tips section here on LensVid.

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