How to Create a Slow Motion Booth – a Tutorial

If you are shooting weeding or parties you simply must watch this video. The good guys over at Super Frog Saves Tokyo created a series of videos which will show you how to create a slow motion booth for an event – something that is hugely entertaining for the guests and can also add a new business to an existing event photographer.

The first tutorial above shows you how to set up the equipment for the production. It doesn’t really go into post production (which will be published later) but talks about the camera you will need (RED – which is expensive but you can still rent it if you can’t buy) and some accessories and general guidelines for the guests.

In the second guide below you can see how to set up a slow motion booth on a budget. You don’t need a RED. You don’t even need Twixtor. All you need is a camera capable of shooting at a high frame rate and a ton of light. Check it out.

How to do a Slow Motion Booth on a Budget


Via: slrlounge.

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