Step by Step – Shooting at Noon

On this CreativeLive video (part of a Location Lighting 101 series), NY based fashion photographer Lindsay Adler talks about shooting a wedding during the middle of the day with bright sunlight and no natural coverage .

It happens not just in weddings and events but in many other cases where we find ourselves needing to shoot during the worst hour in the day – when the sun is directly on top of us shining brightly and there is no natural coverage of any kind to be found.

Using a diffuser (Adler uses a huge Westcott umbrella and a diffuser). However you  might also have a situations where you don’t have a diffuser or you do have one but you have many people to shoot – what do you do? The simplest thing you can do is turn your subject back to the sun so they will not squint all the time. Again using a reflector whenever possible is a good idea. Adler talks about different reflectors and specifically the silver reflector as well as giving some good tips for low cost reflectors that you can easily make on your own.

You can find many more videos on LensVid’s wedding photography section.

Iddo Genuth
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