Tips for Making Killer Slider Shots

On this two section video mini series Bohuš Blahut from Fotodiox looks at what you can do with a slider and a couple of tripods or light stands to create more creative shots.

The first video (above) is a pretty quick and basic look at some of the more fundamental techniques for working with a slider like pan and tilt, mount a slider on an angle, a reveal shot and more.

The second video is the more interesting one in our opinion. On this second video Blahut demonstrate a pretty cool overhead shot (which will typically require two light stands or tripods to make), he also shows how to create a jib shot with just one tripod and a slider. Finally he also shows you how you can have a semi crane like shot (this might be a little difficult going up but going down is simpler – and in some cases you can reverse this in post – depending on what you are shooting).

Part 2 – more Killer slider tips (jib & crane style shots)


On this video Blahut uses a very simple (and inexpensive) slider from Fotodiox called the Pro SlideCam 1000 – 39″ (it runs for about $140 on Amazon).

Only recently we posted Brent Pierce video on “How to Make a Jib Shot with Your Slider” (with a special bonus video – Slider vs. Jib vs. Steadicam by Dave Wallace) which is also worth watching if you are into interesting slider moves.

If you are particularly interested in sliders we covered many different types on this special slider subsection.

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