Basic Tips for Using Lavalier Mics

On this quick video Kevin from RocketJump Film School discusses some simple tips for using lavalier microphones.

Using a Lavalier (or lav) mic is very common and pretty convenient – it allows you to place the microphone on your talent (and if you have a wireless kit – such as the Sennheiser AVX which we reviewed here last year, also be more or less cable free).

The first simple tip has to do with hiding the lav under clothing. You can do that if your talent has two layers of clothing for example (just clip it to the layer below and cover it), but than you run the risk of clothing rubbing against the mic making unwanted noise.

There are many ways to prevent this – you can use folded gaffer tape and place the mic between two folded pieces (see the video on how to fold) or use something like these Rycote Stickies. Another trick if you want to attach a mic to your talent’s skin is to use medical tape.

To reduced the tension on your mic cable make a loop – this way if you

It is easy to hide a mic at the back side of a tie or between the buttons or in the collar of the shirt. For woman you can attach the mic in the center of the bra (let the talent do this herself). If you have a static scene you might be able to hide the mic as part of the scene itself (Kevin demonstrates this with a plant but there are a million other options).

Lavs are cool but using a boom if you have the option can give you more options and they can (and do in many cases) be used in conjunction.

On LensVid we have a very extensive section devoted to sound recording for video productions which covers both equipment and techniques here on LensVid.

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