Canon Powershot G1X Mark III Hands-On Review

The Canon Powershot G1X Mark III has been out for a while now and our colleagues Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from the Camera Store had a chance to do a review it and see how it performs.

The G1X I and G1X II were not very popular cameras and for a good reason – the image quality compared to smaller sensor cameras such as the more advanced 1″ RX100 cameras – it didn’t perform as well in low light (so what’s the point of having a larger sensor we guess).

The new Powershot G1X Mark III, on the other hand, use the very capable APS-C 80D sensor which has very good image quality. The ergonomics are also very good and the lens is really nice (although you only get 3X zoom and f/5.6 at the tele-side).

The Canon G5X with it’s 1″ sensor is very similar in many respects (body and design for example) but has a faster (f/1.8-f/2.8) lens which allows it to work in lower ISO, eliminating the large sensor advantage of the G1X in some situations (the G1X will still have better overall IQ though). The G5X will also get better macro as the G1X does not focus as close.

As for the video – you might have thought that this will be one of the best vlloging cameras, but… not really. You have the rotating touch screen which is nice and the dual pixel AF and even built-in ND filter (3 stops), but the image is a bit soft, you only go up to 1080p 60p (no 4K – really Canon?) and maybe the biggest downside – no headphone or microphone jacks – which really sucks.

If you enjoy landscape and want a larger sensor camera, this can be an option – but the G5X is still a better option for most users.

As for pricing, the G1X MKIII is an expensive camera at $1300 and for almost half, you can get the G5X which as we have seen isn’t far behind.

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