ikan Showcase a Semi Circular and curved Sliders

Houston based manufacturer ikan recently announced two new interesting curved sliders. The CSLD01 Curved 1/3 Slider and the CSLD02 Semi Circular 1/2 Slider.

Sliders have always been useful for adding motion to a video shoot. A curved slider is another step in that direction adding an angle to the motion and creating a more interesting look.

Both sliders are made of solid aluminium, have removable track legs and several mounting options for connecting the slider to one or more tripods.

The CSLD-01 is the smaller slider with a 33″ 120 degree angle arc, roller bearing slider plate, 3 removable track legs with adjustable tabletop feet and 5 mounting points for optional stand use. It weighs just 5 lbs  (2.2 kg).

The larger version is the CSLD-02 – a 52″ 180 degree arc also with roller bearing slider plate, 4 removable track legs with adjustable tabletop feet and 7mounting points for optional stand use. It weighs just 7.2 lbs  (3.2 kg).

Pricing has not been disclosed and we have contacted ikan on this subject and hope to update this article as soon as we get an answer.

Update: We just received pricing for the two new models from ikan:

  • CSLD-01 (1/3 curved slider): retails for $399.
  • CSLD-02 (semi circle slider): retails for $499.

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Iddo Genuth
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