A Quick Look at the New Radian Pro Mini TX Backbone Wireless HD Video Transmitter

The good people from cheesycam had a quick look at an interesting new product which allows you to stream HD video from your camera to an external monitor with a pretty small footprint on your camera.

The product with the (very) long name Radian Pro Mini TX Backbone is a relatively small, new wireless HD video transmitter. If you need to have a remote camera and monitor it using your field monitor for whatever reason – this type of device is capable of doing just that from a distance of up to 300 feet (line of site) and streaming live 1080p (60p) video. In case you were wondering, the receivers are manufactured with Amimon WHDI 5 GHz band professional chip sets for best uncompressed resolutions and near zero latency. Both transmitters and receivers require 5 volt power.

The Radian Pro Mini TX Backbone Wireless HD Video Transmitter and receiver unit


Radian wireless HD transmitters are professional products, these types of units will cost you over $1000 (depending on the exact parts that you will order). You can find more information on the unit and pricing on this page.

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