BatteryBox – A Super Battery for Your Macbook that Will Keep You Working All Day

If you are shooting and working with your Macbook all they on the road and don’t have the option to plug in the computer all the time – the new BatteryBox – a 50Whr battery might be the solution you have been waiting for.

The BatteryBox


There are tons of batteries out there for charging mobile devices and even a few options that are specifically designed for laptops. However the BatteryBox is supposedly different. According to the company that created the battery, the 50Whr  should be enough juice for 12 hours of a Macbook Air, 6 hours of Macbook Pro, or 8 iPhone charges. More importantly – it’s powered by the first even operating system for batteries called – BatteryOS, a new way of controlling rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that enables them to have higher capacity and not degrade over time.

According to the product site that means BatteryBox will last 3000 full charge and discharge cycles, and still retain 96% of capacity after 5 years (if you want the math – that is charging almost twice each day every day for 5 whole years!).

You can currently pre order the BatteryBox on the product website for just under $140.

Iddo Genuth
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