Best and Worst Camera Gear of 2016

Our friends and colleagues Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from the Camera Store just took their yearly drinking game and talked about the best and worst camera gear of the current year.

What happens when you bring in strong local beer and two camera guys (plus “operation” game) – in this case – 30 min of camera gear talk.

So what do we have in 2016 according to Niccolls and Drake – the Fuji X-T2, the Pentax K1 (pretty strange choice to be honest – we would go with the 5D MK IV but Niccolls actually has some very different thoughts on it), and 1’st place – the D500 which we reviewed here recently (we tend to agree).

As for a trend – the two think that mirrorless medium format is the main new trend – and this is still very much in the future – both the Hasselbald X1D and the Fujifilm GFX. In camera stabilization is also becoming more and more wide-spread (and we agree that Nikon/Canon are a bit behind – especially in their DSLR lines).

There is much more in this video (including some of the worst stuff – the Nikon keymission – which is a complete miss in our view as well).

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